Well done and many congratulations to our Arabic Grammar students!

Alhamdulillah, we are very proud to share the great news that another batch of our students have successfully completed the renowned Arabic Course for English-Speaking students of Madina Islamic University. They completed the 3 volumes on Tuesday 23rd February 2021. This course contains:

•Arabic Grammar

Studying and understanding another language, that is not their native tongue, carries its own   challenges and difficulties. These students showed great determination and adapted well through the Covid-19 lockdown time, that brought its own limitations since March 2020. They knew they had a goal to achieve and helped each other and persevered to the end, with the tawfiq and guidance of Allah ta’ala.We remind them that as students of knowledge, they now carry an even greater responsibility to become better Muslims and better human beings. They are on a journey of learning that does not have an end. By completing this course, numerous opportunities have opened for them to have a deeper understanding of the language of the Noble Qur’an and ascend to higher levels to become role model for others.Once again, our best wishes and congratulations go to our students:

1. Dr. Sajda Azra
2. Nazia Noreen
3. Samia Choudry
4. Yusuf Rahrow
5. Adeel Maroof
6. Hena Ashraf
7. Simon Sharif

We ask them to keep up their eagerness and motivate themselves and others to follow this beautiful path that leads to the pleasure of our Creator, InshaAllah.

4th March 2021

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