Upcoming Courses

SAIS is always trying to offer new and unique courses over the academic year. These courses are offered to:

• The general community and,
• The students of knowledge.


List of Upcoming Courses:

1. Halaalidays … (Fiqh of Holidays)

• This one-part seminar will provide a clear and detailed study of the Islamic ruling regarding outings; starting from the preparation, through to what you should do and should not, finally ending with was the holiday worth it?

2. Significance of numbers in the Qur’an

• This two-part seminar will provide a detailed analysis of all the Qur’anic verses which specifically mention a number. The study will include:

a. The Tafseer of these verses, and
b. It will be followed by the full Grammatical analyses, finally
c. The Significance of that particular number.

3. Union of Love … (Fiqh of Marriage)

• This is a much-needed course; whether you are looking to get married or you are a guardian of someone who will be getting married in the future. This course is part of the ‘Family Seminars Series’. The course will provide a comprehensive study, experience and the right guidance, all and more put together in a four-part seminar:

a. First Stage – What to look for in a marriage partner?
b. Second Stage – The Proposal
c. Third Stage – The Marriage Contract
d. Fourth Stage – Marriage life

4. Step in the right direction … (Parenting, Part 1: Pregnancy – 4 years old)

• Every household is in need of this unique and enlightening course. It is a part of the ‘Family Seminars Series’. It will contain a number of parts based on the age of the children. The study will include:

a. Realities and facts
b. Parents expectations of children in this age
c. How to deal with turbulence in this age?
d. Role models from the best generations
e. And much much more…


25th October 2020