The journey of a donation

Assalamu alaykum,

My dear and respected students,

I have no doubt that you are doing your utmost to benefit from the last but the most precious days of Ramadan, when Allah swt sends down nothing but His Mercy to all the ones who truly believe in Him.

Apart from the ibadaats, I am sure your endeavours to do as many good deeds as possible, have gathered speed including your generosity in giving sadaqah. May Allah swt accept all your pure intentions and actions and multiply them according to His Exalted Being, ameen.

You are already aware that our Brothers and Sisters in Northwood are requiring help to purchase the building that will be converted into a Mosque and Centre for the benefit of us all.  I want to request you all, my brothers and sisters, to do whatever more you can at this important time to make financial donations for this local and great project.  

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the journey that a contribution takes, no matter how small or big, and the joy the heart feels in giving!

Do you think when you donate £10 or £100 or £1000 or even more, is a job done, when you click ‘send’, starting with an intention and ending with a strong hope of reward from Allah swt?

Let me tell you … the journey of your ‘donation – say a tenner’ is just a start. In fact, it’s journey is a very long one, possibly of thousands of years, bi idhni Allah!

  • Immediately that you made the intention to donate, the angels get busy writing down your good intention.
  • When you actually donate, by the Mercy of Allah (SWT) the ‘tenner’ is multiplied, as a minimum by ten times, and maybe by as much as up to 70 times or as much as Allah Wills
  • When it reaches the cause, it joins thousands of multiplied donations of others and gathers even more blessings – so, by this time it has already become bigger than when it started.
  • Imagine when your ‘tenner’ has been converted into a structure and offers facilities, of nothing but goodness to many thousands of people, the benefits you and everyone else is going to receive!
  • These benefits and rewards are going to continue every second of every day while you are alive.
  • And when you die, your rewards convert to sadaqah jariyyah – continuing reward, by the Will of Allah swt. People you never met, never even knew of, people from that town or city, people visiting from the farthest corners of the world…whenever any person uses that facility, Allah SWT keeps on multiplying your ‘tenner’.  And this will continue to the Day of Judgement.
  • Not only that, as your deeds are accounted for, and God forbid, a punishable one comes up, your ‘tenner’, in the form of your sadaqah, will intercede with Allah (SWT) on your behalf so, it will protect you from punishment, and ….
  • On the Day of Judgement, that little, insignificant ‘tenner’ will be a mountain of reward by your side because of which Allah (SWT) may be pleased with you and grant you Jannah. Now imagine, that it is not just that tenner, but every fiver, every penny or pound you ever gave for the sake of Allah, will be there in its own right as a mountain for your benefit, and ….
  • When your Lord asks, you will say, ‘O Lord, send me back to the dunya…not to offer more salaah, or observe more ‘siyam’, or to offer more ‘qiyaam’, but purely to give ‘just another tenner’ because you will understand at that point the true worth and value of your ‘tenner’, and you thought you were being generous by giving a ‘tenner’?

Giving your wealth for the sake of Allah brings untold joy to the hearts. So please give, as generously as you dare, to the Northwood Mosque project and waAllahi, you will have a mountain of reward to protect and benefit you on the Day. 

I ask Allah swt to bestow us with this and give us the generosity of the heart, the ability and the ikhlaas, and let us be counted amongst those who ‘give’ and have our names etched in the book of good deeds. Ameen.

May Allah (SWT) bless you and your families!

8th May 2021

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