Salma Quraishy

“Alhamdulillah we are truly blessed that Allah (swt) guided us and granted us the tawfiq to seek knowledge and be part of the SAIS family under the tutelage of our Shaykh Ahmad Barouni.


There is never enough you can learn & know about connecting to Allah (swt) and attaining his pleasure. I thoroughly recommend SAIS for those who are serious about learning about the deen of Allah (swt), his Book and his Prophet (saw).  


The classes are very well structured, relaxed, and discussion is encouraged. Our Shaykh makes time to answer questions no matter how trivial and makes everyone included in the lesson. Having studied a range of subjects I feel that my Islamic knowledge is being nurtured and guided with expert advice and care.


We thank our Shaykh for his dedication, enthusiasm, support and patience for teaching and presenting the information to us in a way such that it helps us; to understand the deen of Allah (swt), to understand the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (saw) and to apply & implement the Islamic values and teachings in the dunya and our daily lives . Jazak Allahu Khayr wa Ma’asalaamah.”

Friday 10Th July 2020

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