Sahida Mughal

“I find all the modules I attend; (currently fiqh – Hanafi/Hanabli, Tafsir, Hadith), so invaluable on so many fronts. I have also previously attended Arabic and Ladies Tajweed classes. The level of detail is profound, and covers so many different aspects to bring the context alive. The sessions delve into background of the material being studied. For example we learn about the Scholars, the various opinions, the stronger opinion, the understanding or meaning of the text in English, the Arabic language and its construct, why the English translation doesn’t do the Quranic Hadith and Quran justice, contemporary understanding, real live world examples in Fiqh as well as during the Prophets pbuh time and after his time and so much more.  Many of the sciences are covered under each course.  Thought provoking activities, and debates. If you really want to develop your deep understanding of your Deen, I can’t think of a better Institution than Sais. The knowledge is authentic and evidenced. They quickly adapted to current covid-19 restriction and went online. The free courses during Ramadan were invaluable as are all the courses in and out of term; whether you work or not. No matter the age, as long as you can sit and listen! Super Emaan nourishing, deen building, and knowledge boosting modules which you can easily fit into your schedule in’sha’allah. If you are serious about getting closer to Allah swt and our Prophet pbuh, you will wonder why you hadn’t joined earlier.”

 Tuesday 7Th July 2020

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