Aliyah Saddique

“I have been studying Tajweed at SAIS for approximately a year and my Qur’an recitation has improved so much. I really look forward to the classes which are at a suitable time after work. The lesson structure makes it easy to learn and ask questions. The teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. There is time allocated to read to the teacher so I can find out what my mistakes are and build confidence in reading. I understand the rules of Tajweed much more now and would recommend SAIS to all – all levels are welcome. I was recommended to SAIS by a family member who also studied Tajweed. SAIS also offers special webinars in Ramadan which I really benefited from. I am looking forward to starting Level 3 as well as other classes. Jazakallah khair.”

Tuesday 7th July 2020

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