It is known that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is
one of the blessed months. Muslims all over the world observe fasting
from dawn to sunset, which is one of the pillars of Islam. Also, during its
nights, the Muslims observe qiyam al-Lail ‘night payer’.

Due to a number of reasons, SAIS stops all regular evening classes.
However, since 2015 we introduced the ‘Series of Ramadan Courses’.
So, every year we offer very unique and short innovative seminars to
the community in four or five sessions during this blessed month.
List of courses covered in previous years:

  1. The Four Rightly Guided Caliphs
  2. The Heart of the Qur’an … Tafseer Surah Yaseen
  3. Pious Predecessors
  4. Fiqh of an Nafs
  5. The Last Day
  6. Stronger with You – 1st Part of the Family Series (The Brother, Sister, Father and Mother)

Some of these courses are on our YouTube Channel. Also, visit the Past
Courses for more details about each course.


We aim to educate and enlighten students with these popular courses.
We cover a vast area of Islamic studies, such as: Islamic history, family &
social relationships, faith courses to boost one’s eeman starting from
Ramadan and to continue further and beyond the blessed month.

Who can attend?

The courses are suitable for males and females, aged 15 and above.

Are there any pre requisites?

There are no pre requisites for the course other than having your
notepad, stationary and being on time for the seminar.

What is the fee?

There is no fixed fee for the courses. It changes based on the time, the
location and the topic being taught.

Is there any homework or assessments?

Students are not required to complete any homework nor sit any
assessments. However, the attendees are encouraged to revise what
has been learned for their own benefit.

What is the time and duration?

We run these seminars in the afternoon on the weekends for 1
– 2 hours.

6th October 2020