It is the month of Ramadan. I can smell and feel its inspiration. The time that we have been waiting for, it is finally here, and it is just a couple of days away from us. The month of goodness and good deeds… It is the month of blessings. 
In this month: Re-tidy your ‘Nafs’… Collect its part from here and there… Come closer to your dreams… Discover the goodness inside you… Defeat your ‘Nafs’
In Ramadan: Strive your ‘Nafs’… Wash your heart before your body … and your tongue before your hands… Let not your achievement from your fast only be hunger, thirst, and tiredness
In the month of treasure: Race to goodness… Avoid the prohibition… Hide from your left hand what your right hand gives… Abstain from backbiting so you do not break your fast with the flesh meat of others
In Ramadan: It is time to get new life… Come with SAIS to see and live the new life…    
We at SAIS – as always – would like to help you boost and elevate your imaan. It is a month in which Allah grants special and great virtues. We would like to aid those individuals reach their targets for this blessed month. Before the start of the month, we all should revive our intention and plan to benefit & use its days and nights to have ourselves freed from the hellfire. 
By the grace of the Almighty, here we are again, after the success and tawfeeq of last Ramadan, we would like to offer you the following absolutely FREE online programmes: 



‘With Ramadan Series’ (3rd edition)

  • Part 1: Preparation for Ramadan
    Day and Date: Sunday 11th April 2021
    Time: 8.00pm – 9.00pm (1 hour)
  • Part 2: The Last Stretch
  • Part 3: Good-bye Ramadan 
  • Part 4: The Ins & Outs of Eid
  • Part 5: Ramadan’s Finished – What is next?
    Day and Date: TBC 
    Duration: 1 hour each session



‘You ask & We answer’ – SAIS open question time

  • Day: Every Saturdays
  • Date: 17th, 24th April, 1st and 8th May 2021
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Who can attend? 
Individuals from all walks of life – male and females, adults, and youth. So, come and join our programme during the whole month of Ramadan to be closer to Allah and motivate yourself.      
What shall I do now?
If you are interested to enhance your imaan and knowledge, then contact us to get the online links for these programmes. Email info@sais.org.uk or send a SMS message to 07944013532.




10th April 2021

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