We ask all students to read the following policies and to ensure that our requirements, which are kept as simple as possible, are complied:

Attendance and absence

  1. All students should be in the class room on time.
  2. Students with attendance below 65% are not eligible to sit the final exam, whether that is an SAIS exam or from any other examination bodies such as ‘Asset Languages’.
  3. SAIS can not give any reference to any students with attendance below 65%
  4. The teacher does not have to repeat lesson to those students who are late for the session
  5. If for any unforeseen circumstances a lesson has to be cancelled notification will be given via email and/or text message to the numbers given on the application form. It is the duty of the student to ensure we are kept aware of any changes to your personal information


  1. Mobile phones must not be used during the lessons and should be switched off.
  2. Students should not talk to each other whilst the teacher is instructing the class.
  3. All students are requested to look after the equipment in the class(tables and chairs, etc)
  4. A fifteen minute break will be given during the lesson; however students must finish their drinks within that time.
  5. Students are not permitted to bring family or friends to the classroom, however if any student wishes to enrol a friend or a member of his/her family in one of SAIS courses, this should be done with prior notice and outside of the lesson time.
  6. All students are requested to keep the toilets clean after use.

Learning and Teaching

  1. All students are requested to bring their course folder with them at all times. The folder can be taken from you and assessed at any time by the class teacher and/or other academic SAIS staff.
  2. All students should feel free to ask the teacher any question during the class time, however students are not permitted to ask about matters unrelated to the subject being taught.
  3. All students are requested to complete their homework on time.
  4. All students are requested to learn the new vocabulary in every lesson by the following week.
  5. SAIS will ensure that lessons are delivered in an appropriate and suitable format.


  1. Should you have any reason to complain about the service offered to you by SAIS you may in the first instance contact the office (please see list of useful numbers). Should you still not be satisfied you will be referred to the principal.