Our Community

The Community is one of the most important parts in the learning process and procedure. The Community plays a big role and has a huge impact on individual learners. SAIS cares and pays attention to this reality and is always trying to build relations using different ways. Please find below (not in order) some of our activities we do over the year.

Cake Sale

One of the very popular events for both the children and adults. It is an outing day for the families. They enjoy the cakes with tea or coffee in the park.

  1. How often is it held?
    It is an annual event. Usually at the beginning of the summer term on a nice sunny afternoon.
  2. What is it?
    In this event SAIS supervises a team of our Community who have a desire to help by making cakes, purchasing cakes from cake shops or even marketing the event. Also, we are proud that some children from our Weekend Supplementary School take part in this event by baking cakes or help serving in the cake sale. The Cake Sale is open to every one in the Community. We try to offer a vast number mouth-watering of cakes and different types of tea and coffees along with cold drinks and ice creams.
  3. What is supposed to be achieved / Purpose:
    Collect money to help one of the Community Projects. The collection is counted at the end of the event and handed over to the selected Project.

Tuck Shop … Charity collection

Every Saturday our volunteers run a tuck shop for our school children (Weekend Supplementary School) at break and lunch times. We sell wraps/sandwiches, pastries, snacks and drinks.

Students know that 100% of the income goes to a selected charity for educational benefit; whether orphan support in education, contributions to building schools etc. Students that by purchasing from our tuck they are effectively donating to the selected charity.

Also, we charge a £2 penalty for every late attendance in the adults’ classes. All of the collection will be given to a selected charity for educational benefit.

Ramadan Courses

The Series of Ramadan Courses is one of the most popular activities for the community in the blessed month.

Visit the Ramadan page where you can find more details about it.

28th October 2020