Fees Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. SAIS is not a charity organisation nor a non-profit organisation.
1.2. SAIS charges students’ fees in order to continue the great work that it is doing.
1.3. Students will be asked to agree to the terms of this policy as part of the enrolment process at the start of each term/year of study.
1.4. Students will not be able to attend unless the full fee is paid or have permission from the SAIS management.
1.5. If you would like to study at SAIS, but you cannot afford the fees, please email us on info@sais.org.uk
1.6. You may be eligible for scholarship, refer to point 5
1.7. You are required to enrol or re-enrol for each successive term/year or other relevant part of a course e.g. Ramadan Courses or One Day Course.
1.8. To complete your enrolment, please see our enrolment steps here.

2. Course Fees

2.1. SAIS courses fee charges may differ from one course to another and reflect the duration, time and resources required to deliver that course.
2.2. Refer to list of Courses and fees (Tables)

3. Fee Reductions

3.1. SAIS considers the situation of the students who are interested to enrol for more than one course in the term/academic year. Therefore,
3.2. SAIS offers a number of reductions, including:
3.3. If the students enrol for more than one course within the same department.
3.4. If there is more than one person attending from the same family.
3.5. If you have studied the course before and you are enrolling again for the same course.
3.6. Refer to list of courses and fees (tables)

4. Changing courses of study

4.1. Students can change a course – within SAIS courses – after being enrolled and having paid for a particular course.
4.2. Changing the course can be at the beginning of the course or during the course.
4.3. Fees paid will be brought forward to the existing course.
4.4. Students will be notified with the outstanding fees if there was any.
4.5. SAIS does not accept changes of courses with any other institutions.

5. Scholarship Students fee

5.1. SAIS offers a number of scholarships every term.
5.2. Students wishing to get the scholarship need to apply for it, by:
5.3. Sending a letter/email directly to the principal.
5.4. Students may have to attend an interview with the principal.
5.5. Students will be notified with the decision made.

6. Withdrawal

6.1. Courses will only start subject to a minimum number of students enrolled. Therefore;
6.2. Students may withdraw from the course before the finalisation of the course. However,
6.3. Once the course has started, SAIS will not refund the students.

7. Cancellation

7.1. SAIS will notify all students in the situation of any cancellation.
7.2. SAIS will refund students who paid for the cancelled course.

8. Refunds

8.1. The SAIS courses fee is non-refundable, regardless whether the student attends or is absent during the course.
8.2. SAIS will only refund the fee of the courses that were cancelled by SAIS.

9. Payment Methods

9.1. As the fees income is vital to our operations, we have to pursue all debts and withdraw our services from those who owe us money.
9.2. SAIS considers the students’ personal and financial circumstances.
9.3. SAIS offers different ways to pay the course fees, these include:
– In cash on the first day of study.
– By bank transfer. Contact us for details.