This seminar was one of the Ramadan Courses Series. It was an especially important and much needed seminar; it was taught in May & June 2019. The course was taught in English with references to verses and statements in Arabic. However, all the details were explained in English. There were no pre-requisites required nor were there any exams at the end of the course.
A detailed, step by step course of the journey into the unseen world, covering death, grave, resurrection, accountability, and ending with paradise and hell. The Last Day seminar includes the following:

1. What is ‘The Last Day’?
2. Different names. Why?
3. Its wisdom
4. Who does not believe in ‘The Last Day’?
5. What will happen to the person after death?
6. The Grave
7. Questioning - Munkar and Nakeer!
8. Is it going to be punishment or bliss?
9. Resurrection - when and how?
10. Gathering - where and how?
11. Waiting - how long?
12. Judgement – how and its description?
13. The scale, the bridge, the pool and other matters
14. Jannah and its world
15. Jahannam and its world
The seminar is designed to be open to individuals from all walks of life - male and females, adults and youth.
The course was approximately 12 hours over five days. However, you can enrol for the course and take your time to complete it.
Once you enrol for this course and we receive your application form, the materials used in the course will be sent to you via email. Also, you can access the recorded video.

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