It brings great joy and peace seeing Muslims, young and old praying and fulfilling their duties to Allah. However, it saddens and breaks the heart to see some Muslims not praying correctly. It is concerning that some Muslims say:

- ‘I pray but I do not know if I am praying in the correct way or not, as I inherited it without learning it from an authentic source’

- ‘I send my children to learn the Qur’an but I am not sure if they learn it or not, nor do I know if they pray’

These are some of the many comments we receive and I am sure you have heard similar statements from some of our community. We believe it is never too late to fix or beautify your prayer. Therefore, we are offering a very rare essential seminar: ‘Fiqh of Prayer’, equipping you with the essentials of the prayer. The seminar was taught in June 2016. The course was taught in English with references to verses and statements in Arabic. However, all the details were explained in English. There were no pre-requisites required nor were there any exams at the end of the course.
Considering the four schools of thought and the fact that our community mostly came from the Hanafi school background, the seminar covered all what should be known by the worshippers, starting from the preparation for the prayer (the conditions), followed by the takbeer and all the movements in the prayer, it also included the following:

1. Definitions
2. Conditions of the Prayer
3. Pillars of the Prayer
4. The Obligations of the Prayer
5. The actions that nullify the Prayer
6. The Virtues of the Prayer
7. And much much more …
The seminar is designed to be open to individuals from all walks of life - male and females, adults and youth.
The course was approximately 5 hours over one day. However, you can enrol for the course and take your time to complete it.
Once you enrol for this course and we receive your application form, the materials that were used in the course will be sent to you via email.

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