Arabic Language Studies

The importance of the Arabic Language is very clear to every learner. It is the key for understanding the Qur’an and the Hadith. In fact, it is even a key in business, politics and other professions. We at the School of Arabic and Islamic Studies are very pleased to announce that all the twelve subjects within the fields of the Arabic language are available to be taught at our School. This includes the following courses:

1. Arabic Calligraphy
2. Arabic Morphology
3. Arabic Reading & using classical Arabic dictionaries
4. Arabic Rhetoric
5. Spoken Arabic – Beginner
6. Spoken Arabic – Higher
7. Arabic Writing & Spelling Rules

As for this term, we are offering; the ‘Introductory Level’ for Arabic Language as well as the ‘Arabic Grammar’ Levels as they are the most essential and most popular courses. The Arabic Grammar courses have been adopted from the unique Arabic Courses of the Islamic University of Madinah. These books are augmented with extra materials such as handouts, highlighting rules and principles in a clear manner so as to make revision and retention much easier. These adaptations are devised using our many years of experience, making the transition from one level to the next, much easier.
If you know your Arabic level and you would like to enrol for one of these courses; then, please see the courses below and read the specifications.