Cake Sale


SAIS is a part of the community and naturally gets involved with many activities related to improve the community. We love our community and we always would love to help whenever it is needed. This feeling of unity has inspired the SAIS team to create the annual Cake Sale event.

What is it?

One of the very popular events for both the children and adults. It is an outing day for the families. We enjoy a variety of mouth-watering cakes with tea or coffee. In this event SAIS supervises a team of our community who have a desire to help by making cakes, purchasing cakes from cake shops or even marketing the event. We are proud that some children from our Weekend Supplementary Schools take part in this event by baking cakes or help serving in the cake sale. The Cake Sale is open to everyone in the community. We offer a vast number of cakes to tickle your taste buds and range of teas and coffees along with cold drinks and ice creams.


Raising money to help one of the Community Projects. The collection is counted at the end of the event and handed over to the selected Project, with 100% donation policy.

How often is it held?

It is an annual event. Usually at the beginning of the summer term on a nice sunny afternoon.

When is the next Cake Sale event?

It is planned to be on:
Day: Saturday
Date: TBC
Venue: Haydon School

If you love baking or have family or friends who do, get involved and have some fun!

11th September 2020