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Enrolment for the new academic year: September 2023 – July 2024

We are delighted to announce our enrolment days for the new and existing students in our two branches. It is …Read More

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Application Form (children)

Welcome to SAIS’s Children, GCSE & Youth Enrolment Page, to enrol your children into any of SAIS’s programmes is easy …Read More

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Where held (children)?

Enrolment can be completed by using one of the two following ways: If you are a parent or a guardian …Read More

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Time and Duration (children)

SAIS – Sequential Courses SC – Pinner Day: Saturdays, September to July. Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm for 32 weeks. SAIS …Read More

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When do I apply (children)?

The academic year at SAIS starts in September each year and endsin July. However, students can enrol at any time …Read More

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Bake sale

Assalaamu alaykum, I am very delighted and would like say thank you very much to all of you. Jazakum Allah …Read More

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A tribute to our most senior student of knowledge, late Dr Sajda Azra

Our 89-year-old student and dear Sister, Dr Sajda Azra, returned to her Creator on 30th May 2022, 29th Shawwal 1443, …Read More

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Ramadan 1443 / 2022

Dear All, Assalaamu alaikum, We pray you are in good health and the best of eeman. There has come to …Read More

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Concluding Talk 1442/2021

Alhamdulillah, we have approached the departure of another year; the year one thousand four hundred and forty two. At the …Read More

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The journey of a donation

Assalamu alaykum, My dear and respected students, I have no doubt that you are doing your utmost to benefit from …Read More

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Sister Zubaida Chowdhury

Dear All,Assalamu alaikum, Reflections on the passing of our quiet but determined, dear Sister Zubaida Chowdhury (date of death 25.4.2021). …Read More

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Arabic Grammar Book 1 – Revision & Review

Dear all We are delighted to share with you the good news that we are going to hold an Arabic …Read More

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New FREE Course has been added to our list of courses

Dear all The Faith of Imaam al-Bukhari is a beautiful, short, free course. It has now been added to our …Read More

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It is the month of Ramadan. I can smell and feel its inspiration. The time that we have been waiting …Read More

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Well done and many congratulations to our Arabic Grammar students!

Alhamdulillah, we are very proud to share the great news that another batch of our students have successfully completed the …Read More

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Another success story for our ‘Sahih al- Bukhari’ class

As Muslims, we all know that the two most important sources that make Islam great and perfect are the Noble …Read More

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Walking Through Nature

SAIS’s education programmes are not confined to the four walls of the classroom. We go beyond this encouraging and guiding …Read More

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Cake Sale

Introduction: SAIS is a part of the community and naturally gets involved with many activities related to improve the community. …Read More

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Coronavirus – (COVID-19)

Coronavirus – (COVID-19) Update – 28th August 2020: We pray that everyone is safe, sound and in the best of …Read More

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Our Community

The Community is one of the most important parts in the learning process and procedure. The Community plays a big …Read More

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