Another success story for our ‘Sahih al- Bukhari’ class

As Muslims, we all know that the two most important sources that make Islam great and perfect are the Noble Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. One of the two most trusted books of the authentic collection of Hadith, known to everyone, is ‘Sahih al-Bukhari’, written by Muhammad ibn Isma’il (d. 252)On Thursday, 26th November 2020, with the grace of Allah ta’ala, we were blessed to complete the Chapter of Belief, which is the second chapter in this beautiful book.In 180 hours of studies of this Chapter, our students successfully managed to:

1.  Thoroughly study 108 statements, 28 verses, 66 hadiths and 14 ta’leeq.
2   Understand and establish the belief of Ahl as-Sunnah in the issues of al-Imaan.
4. Discuss in depth, all issues of Imaan
5.  Analyse the belief of al-Jahmiyyah, al-Mu’tazilah, al-Khawarij, al-Asha’irah and other sects.
5. Differentiate between Ahl as-Sunnah and the others
6. Understand the style of al-Bukhari in his book.
7. Recall many of the companions who reported the 66 hadiths and much much more.Well done and many congratulations to our students for reaching to this high level of achievement.

We advise them to fear Allah ta’ala and to use and apply what they have learnt from this beautiful chapter to be a better and sincere Muslim. We also advise them to continue with steadfastness on this amazing journey with sincere intentions and hard work, and with a strong sense to stand as role models of students of knowledge.

4th March 2021

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